Professional Skills

Teaching Skills

TEACHER_TRAINING 2Teaching Skills is designed as a textbook for a course in training teachers-to-be, but can also serve as a useful guide for current teachers who would like to improve some of their skills. It combines basic teaching and learning theory with practical methods for creating effective lessons with emphasis on techniques that work in low-resource settings such as Myanmar.  The taught skills are applicable to teaching to most subjects and to student from most age-groups.

English language: Trainer’s Book | Trainee’s Book

Myanmar language: Trainer’s Book | Trainee’s Book

Work Skills

Work Skills Cover-2Work Skills provides learners with practical skills and prepare them to excel in the workforce. It has three parts: the first provides with the tools to prepare a successful job application, the third part gives an introduction to social entrepreneurship and the second part focuses on fundamental work skills such as communication, teamwork, decision-making, and budgeting. It is written at intermediate English.

Student’s Book | Teacher’s Book