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Research Materials

This guide aims to provide a practical introduction to the main concepts and techniques for doing research and, at the same time, help users develop the skills needed to carry out their own community research projects. It is designed for learners with no prior research experience, but it can also be used as a basic reference book for people who have done some research before.
Research Projects from Start to Finish: An Introductory Guide to Conducting Research in Myanmar (Burmese and English version available)

Environmental Studies 

  • Environmental Science Basics (Burmese) Student’s Book & Teacher’s Book
  • Environmental Problems and Solutions (English) Student’s Book & Teacher’s Book
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development (English) Student’s Book & Teacher’s Book

Professional Development
  • Work Skills (Myanmar) Student’s Book and Teacher’s Book
  • Work Skills Series (English): 1. Career Planning, 2. Essential Skills in the workplace, 3. Entrepreneurship

Self Starter English Series 
  • Intermediate English (for Myanmar, Karen, and Thai speakers)
  • Pre-intermediate English (for Myanmar, Karen, and Thai speakers)
  • Elementary English (for Myanmar, Karen, and Thai speakers)